MEPs support Plan B

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From a Press Release by The EPP Group in the European Parliament.

In a letter sent today to Connie Hedegaard, European Commissioner responsible for Climate Action, MEPs Richard Seeber and Theodoros Skylakakis have asked the Commission to introduce a comprehensive approach towards the reduction of climate-relevant gas emissions, as it has been failing to address non-CO2 emissions, namely HFCs (gases mainly used in refrigerators), black carbon and pollutant gases that lead to the formation of tropospheric – lower atmosphere – ozone.

The Members of the European Parliament quote scientific data which indicate that we can stay below 2 degrees Celsius for an additional period of 60 years if we continue on the path of CO2 reduction and we aggressively initiate a strategy for non-CO2 reductions. “Through the non-CO2 efforts, we can cut the rate of global warming by half and in the Arctic by 2/3, which is too important to ignore when the European Commission has both the right and the obligation of initiative”, the letter states.

That’s similar to the argument in Plan A might fail … so we need Plan B.

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